The End.

[This article is better read with sad music. here’s a link if you don’t have any idea:] Here at Semuchka, we love fake articles. This one isn’t. 😮 A simple idea Semuchka, as a site, has existed since the 44 days war. The initial idea, which came after discussing among friends, was to hit … Read more

Happy New Year 1984!

Seriously, though. The whole staff wishes you a Happy New Year. This article was supposed to come out earlier, but we got a lot of setbacks, some because of us, some not (see below). So we had to postpone it a couple of times. Here it is, with A LOT of changes… Contents: delays, censorship, … Read more

We apologize to Putin… for Asbarez

  A few days ago, we published an article saying that Vladimir Putin, the most immune president of Russia, had interests in his relations with Turkey. Because of many people complaining (3 at most), and mostly because of the private messages above (absolutely real, forging stuff it not our style), we wanted to go over … Read more

“We stopped because of Semuchka”

YEREVAN, ARMENIA – To everybody’s surprise, the hunger strike against the government ended on the 9th day, after the Catholicos visited the strikers and convinced them “there were other ways to fight”. That’s how the mainstream outlets reported it. But the same evening, Gegham Manukyan, leader of the movement, said there were other reasons. “First, … Read more

EDITORIAL – We have to talk about Capone…

The editorial staff at Semuchka would like to react to the recent feedback on our article about Al Capone calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. We want to stress out to our readers that we do satire. We make parodies. Jokes. It’s not true. We would have thought mentioning the most famous … Read more

Parody site considered most reliable source of information on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Since war has started again between Armenians and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh (or Artsakh), media coverage of the conflict has been quite disappointing. Despite knowing that reporters have a hard time spelling half of the names involved (don’t even mention pronunciation), Armenians still have enough of constantly refreshing their browser to see the same recycled information. … Read more