BTS members may split up over events in Armenia

SEOUL, (SOUTH) KOREA – The world of K-Pop (South Korean pop music) fans was shattered today because of an unexpected controversy. As Armenia is in a period of political turmoil, members of the famous boy band BTS announced internal arguments over this question: Should the Armenian Prime Minister resign? While V supports Nikol Pachinian and … Read more

METALIYEVA VS System of a Down!

This article follows a previous one about an Azeri official named Mirvari Fataliyeva (that’s her true name, not kidding). The original article only exists in French. To sum it up, we analyzed a political debate as a battle rap. We liked the character so much we decided to continue with her. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – … Read more

Who are Armenians? – A Semuchka survey

In these troubled times, when everything is challenged, both historically and culturally, more and more people are asking “what’s an Armenian?” To be honest, we don’t really know if more and more people are asking that. We just needed it for the article. Here at Semuchka, we decided to investigate! We surveyed and collected authentic … Read more

EXCLUSIVE – Al Capone calls for Pashinyan’s resignation

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – In a surprise statement, the businessman and honorary citizen from Chicago clarified his position on recent events in Armenia. “Nikol can’t stay,” Mr. Capone says while being shaved in his private hotel. “His name has been tarnished forever.” He adds that “the current government is corrupt”, and “does not respect the rights … Read more

FEMINISM – Azerbaijan has woman as vice president, happens to be president’s wife

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – Much is written about the great democratic nation of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, whose president, Ilham Aliyev, is accused of being a dictator. “It’s fake news. We all know it’s fake”, swept Azeri diplomacy. But there is one thing that is not talked about, and it deserves to be mentioned: the great progressivism … Read more