Azerbaijan produces “evidence” of “French-Armenian mercenaries” in Karabakh

PARIS, FRANCE – The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Paris has finally unveiled “photographic evidence” of the participation of alleged “French-Armenian mercenaries” in the Karabakh conflict. While some critics believed it was again some kind of bluff to impede on the coming debate about recognizing Artsakh at the French Senate… it appears the accusations … Read more

CLASH – Macron warns Erdogan that he will make him “eat his teeth”

PARIS, FRANCE — Following Erdogan’s recent statements on President Macron’s mental health, diplomatic relations between France and Turkey have seriously deteriorated. “Are you going to shut your mouth, you wannabe Hitler?!”, Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday evening. “This clown can’t go a day without declaring a war and he dares to open is mouth about … Read more

Friends of local Armenian just wish for war to end so they can have Facebook back to normal

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Support for the Armenian cause has grown increasingly since friends of Paul, a local Armenian, realized they would never have a normal Facebook again until the end of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. “We knew that some time around April, our Armenian pals were going to update their profile picture, but it … Read more

Azerbaijan honors fallen soldiers by not mentioning them

Every military conflict has losses. Every war makes victims … except in Azerbaijan. With great confidence, the president for life addressed his people a few days ago. Speaking of “crushing victory” and the “millions of losses inflicted on the enemy“, the president failed to mention the ones in his own camp, surprising all his soldiers’ … Read more

Nation who still occupies Cyprus calls Armenians to stop invasion

FAMAGUSTA, CYPRUS — On a diplomatic visit to the northern part of Cyprus, Turkish President Erdogan blasted the Armenians for their illegal occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh. From this state that he alone recognizes, he reminded everybody that international laws consider Karabakh as an integral part of the territory of Azerbaijan. Asked about the situation in Cyprus, … Read more

Erdogan promotes Turkish culture: starts six wars

TRIPOLI, LYBIA — Walking through the streets filled with corpses, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opens up about his recent international achievements. “I’m really proud of our work in Syria. And the cultural mission in Libya is a resounding success,” explains the leader, while passing under Turkish flags hanging from the windows. “Our Greek and … Read more