Azerbaijan wants peace for Israel and Palestine to keep on buying weapons while still acting Muslims

BAKU, AZERBAIDJAN — Forced to self-censor over their continued purchase of weapons from Israel, the presidential palace of President for life Ilham Aliyev has expressed a desire for peace in the Middle East. Asked about the consistency between his positions of support for the Palestinians and his arms contracts with those who are accused of … Read more

Semuchka explains: French Armenian mayor financing Turkish mosque while Azerbaijan erases Armenian churches

INTERNET, HADES — Some of our readers may have heard about weird things going on in France. For a few days, that French Armenians stopped complaining about Nikol Pashinyan and are hating some lady instead. But one thing French people tend to forget is that their language is super hard and that we’re super lazy … Read more

Azerbaijan supports youth by beating and stabbing them

NANTES, FRANCE — Azerbaijan just revealed a new program to help young influencers. The program, called “We’re going to cut your tongue“, has just been launched on an experimental basis in the city of Nantes, where Mahammad Mirzali, a young Azeri blogger, had the pleasure of meeting a delegation of six representatives who came to … Read more

OP-ED – “Stay united, stupid dogs!”

[These are words from a concerned citizen. The staff at Semuchka only acts as a publisher and isn’t responsible for this citizen’s opinion.] “Well, at first I said nothing because it’s always funny to see the enemies fighting each other. But this is too much!” “If you destroy yourselves, what use am I?” “For thirty … Read more

Aliyev: “Stop this democratic elections nonsense!”

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN — Following the announcement made by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan about early parliamentary elections in Armenia, reactions have multiplied, both in Armenia and abroad. But it’s in Azerbaijan that the shock was the most important. As he was quietly sipping his coffee on his terrace while reading his newspaper, President Ilham Aliyev … Read more

METALIYEVA VS System of a Down!

This article follows a previous one about an Azeri official named Mirvari Fataliyeva (that’s her true name, not kidding). The original article only exists in French. To sum it up, we analyzed a political debate as a battle rap. We liked the character so much we decided to continue with her. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – … Read more