Who are Amotarians, the new Armenian cult?

INTERNET, HELL – At the end of 2020, cult experts warn the Armenian community of the rise of a sectarian movement, amotarism. According to a spokesperson, members of this movement “are everywhere on social networks, looking for something to react to.” “The objective is clearly to censor others, bend them to a single thought,” warns … Read more

Armenian youth allergic to words “amot”, “amota”

For a few weeks now, a strange disease seems to be affecting young Armenians. New cases emerge every day, but few doctors understand what’s going on. “I’m afraid to read comments on Facebook or Twitter,” says Raffi, a young Internet user. “I read the usual hate stuff and then, suddenly, I see this word, ‘amota‘ … Read more

Who are Armenians? – A Semuchka survey

In these troubled times, when everything is challenged, both historically and culturally, more and more people are asking “what’s an Armenian?” To be honest, we don’t really know if more and more people are asking that. We just needed it for the article. Here at Semuchka, we decided to investigate! We surveyed and collected authentic … Read more

Friends of local Armenian just wish for war to end so they can have Facebook back to normal

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Support for the Armenian cause has grown increasingly since friends of Paul, a local Armenian, realized they would never have a normal Facebook again until the end of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. “We knew that some time around April, our Armenian pals were going to update their profile picture, but it … Read more