Aliyev threatens the world with terrible Photoshop skills

BAKU, AZERBAIDJAN — Without any warning, president Ilham Aliyev unleashed his latest weapon of mass destruction. The international community didn’t take it well, and various leaders expressed concerns over the dictator’s behavior, saying it was “unacceptable”, “a tragedy from another century”. “It reminds humanity of the worst times in its whole history” said a leader. … Read more

Angry at Trump and disappointed by Biden, US Armenians rally around their own presidential candidate

LOS ANGELES, USA — A few weeks before the world’s most important presidential election (except in Caucasus where we’re kind of busy right now), the Armenian community in the United States has to deal with an unprecedented situation. Faced with absolute indifference from President Trump, and not satisfied with the latest statements by challenger Joe … Read more

Erdogan promotes Turkish culture: starts six wars

TRIPOLI, LYBIA — Walking through the streets filled with corpses, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opens up about his recent international achievements. “I’m really proud of our work in Syria. And the cultural mission in Libya is a resounding success,” explains the leader, while passing under Turkish flags hanging from the windows. “Our Greek and … Read more

Parody site considered most reliable source of information on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Since war has started again between Armenians and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh (or Artsakh), media coverage of the conflict has been quite disappointing. Despite knowing that reporters have a hard time spelling half of the names involved (don’t even mention pronunciation), Armenians still have enough of constantly refreshing their browser to see the same recycled information. … Read more