EXCLUSIVE – A little word from our sponsor

SEMUCHKA HQ, NYC — After a (very) long hiatus, the editorial staff at Semuchka agreed it was time to be fair with our readers and reveal a little more of what was going on behind the scenes.

It is for the sake of transparency that we finally reveal who is financing us and deciding what direction we take in our astounding effort at satire.

This exclusive interview with the first sponsor of Semuchka will, we hope, shed some light on our actions.

Hi George, could you please introduce yourself before we start?

Good morning. My name is George Soros. I do some finance stuff, I am a philanthropist, and a freelance billionaire. I manage foundations around the world, to support interesting and innovative projects. Like Semuchka.


George, what made you decide to invest in a satire blog like Semuchka?

You know, I think we should all remember that this is not my first venture in Armenian satirical media. For example, I worked with Yerkir Media (ARF) for several years, a very rewarding collaboration.


Why this renewed interest in Armenian media?

Believe it or not, I am already present in all the media in Armenia, and on social networks. Research has shown that in the last election my name came up more times than all the candidates combined.

I think it’s a wise move to seize this opportunity and make my strong and impacting presence in the Armenian media and political landscape profitable.


What are your goals for the future of Semuchka?

It is quite difficult to explain. I usually use my media to manipulate public opinion and pervert people, destroying institutions, family, etc.

But my experts concluded that the Armenians were already doing this very well on their own. We are therefore going to review our strategy and our objectives, and simply reach 75% gay people by the end of 2021.


One last question if we may: do you think people will realize this article is a joke?

Honestly? I’m sure you’ll get the usual reactions from those who don’t read the articles. But you deserve some credit for trying, I guess.


Thank you very much George Soros, for giving us some of your precious money time.

Thank you. And as my friend Nikol would say, duxov!