Teenage summer camp on a tour at the Armenian Parliament

YEREVAN, ARMENIA — As announced on national TV today, the new Armenian Parliament held its first session today. As the guys were sitting to decide on their president and other (boring) stuff, a little group of kiddos surprised everyone.

As soon as the debates were going to start (and put everyone to sleep), the rebel teens interrupted the talks, and asked for an ice cream. They also mentioned some of their friends who were grounded for cheating at some game called elections.

“We want stuff”, said their leader, Ishkhan “Grumpy” Saghatelyan. “And we want it now!”

When they were told to stay quiet, the little brats started to make noise, and were soon found outside.

At publishing time, the group threatened to go on a hunger strike until their friends were released. Or until they got their ice cream.