Turkish ambassador says job basically just being summoned back every month after some argument

AIRPORT, WASHINGTON DC, USA – This Sunday, April 25, after the US President Joe Biden recognized the Armenian Genocide of 1915, Hasan Murat Mercan, Turkish Ambassador to the United States, was preparing to fly back to Turkey.

The man, who took office a little more than a month ago [true story], told us more about the essential aspect of his diplomatic mission: returning to Turkey at every little argument.

“Basically”, the official explained, “as soon as a country doesn’t do what we want, we are told to leave to show that we’re REALLY not happy.”

“It’s been a tradition in recent years,” he told reporters. “While other countries send their ambassadors for quite a long period, we prefer some flexibility in our work.”

Asked about the effectiveness of the measure, the man admitted that “it stinks”. Indeed, according to him, the fact that they come back two weeks later “completely destroys the whole thing”.

“Those $%!*#/ could at least buy me the tickets…”