Europe more shocked for a stupid chair than actual people being detained, tortured, killed…

ANKARA, TURKEY — In an unexpected turn of events, Turkey’s President Erdogan, known for whorshipping genocidal maniacs and being part-time dictator himself, behaved like a moron. And Europe is still shocked.

In a meeting, Erdogan sat down with Charles Michel, some guy from some EU organization, and believing Ursula von der Leyen, from some other EU thing, was his assistant or something, he left her standing up.

European leaders burst into anger and tears after seeing this mistreatment of one of theirs.

“This is unacceptable”, said a representative. “We said nothing for his numerous wars, sending half of his population to jail, silencing opposition, etc. … but this is too much.”

“Not fair”, said Ursula. “I really wanted to sit next to a dictator and take nice pictures.”

At publishing time, Europeans still praised Turkey for “the effort of providing a nice comfy sofa”.