Semuchka explains: French Armenian mayor financing Turkish mosque while Azerbaijan erases Armenian churches

INTERNET, HADES — Some of our readers may have heard about weird things going on in France. For a few days, that French Armenians stopped complaining about Nikol Pashinyan and are hating some lady instead.

But one thing French people tend to forget is that their language is super hard and that we’re super lazy anyway…

So we decided to kidnap a few Frenchies to make them talk. Here’s a summary of the events in English.

So what’s the deal?

In June 2020, a lady named Jeanne Barseghian became mayor of a city named Strasbourg. Everybody was happy, even the ARF was cheering as she was a descendant of a famous ARF guy who died on the 24th of April, when the Young Turks (not the ones on TV) started their genocide business.

Strasbourg (map courtesy of CNN)


Little did anyone know that there was an ongoing project to build a mosque. And it happened to make the news this week, making the mayor hated by EVERYONE.

The ARF then. The ARF now.


What about this mosque?

Well, the mosque is run by some Turkish religious organization whom leader is a very close friend to President Erdogan. The organization’s name is Millî Görüs (not to be confused with Mila Kunis, who’s just guilty of starring in Jupiter Ascending). It means “national vision“.

These two are often confused with each other. #millinotmila

They seem to have ran out of money and are asking for the city of Strasbourg to give them financial support. This is planning to be the biggest mosque in Europe, and will cost millions. The city would pay for 2.5 millions euros.


Wait a second… why should the city pay? Aren’t you Frenchies a bunch of atheists?

Well. France had a law in 1905 to separate the church and state. The issue is… the region in which Strasbourg is, Alsace, was in the hands of the Germans at that time. It was recovered during the First World War, so technically the law was never applied there… The state pays for religious ministers in that region. Not kidding.

Here’s a pic to explain better.

It’s a common thing there to have the state pay for 10% of religious buildings. That’s what Mila Kunis Millî Görüs applied for.


So that’s just a normal thing then. Can we just go back on hating Nikol now?

The thing is that there’s currently huge issues between France and Turkey. The French government is trying to shut down organizations who work for Erdogan. A lot of imams (muslim ministers) have been found to get their salary directly from the Turkish embassy. They basically work for Turkey. And France doesn’t want that.

The government has decided to jump in this Strasbourg issue.

The French government jumping in.


Wow wow wow… You’re telling me a French Armenian mayor is going against Armenians AND France to help Turks build a mosque?!



Is she crazy?!

Ecologist. They basically need the Muslim community’s voices because nobody cares about plants (sorry Greta).


Is she aware that Azerbaijan just ERASED a church in Karabakh?!

Talk about bad timing… 😐

And that’s all folks. If there’s more development on this story, we’ll try to summarize it again. Please share this article while we decide what to do with the French people in our basement.