Politicians still expect to be praised for promising to acknowledge history

WASHINGTON DC, USA — After having not really cared about the Armenian Genocide for more than a century, a President of the USA, or to be more accurate, a guy who… works for him?  … announced that the President was ready to recognize the genocide… as a genocide.

“I tell you guys, this time it’s for real”, said the man, making everybody sure that after decades of indifference, US President Joe Biden would finally compromise geopolitics for the sake of Armenians.

The argument is even more convincing as everybody remembers the President was vice-president for 8 years (2009-2017) and didn’t care about the matter at all.

“I’m so happy we have a president who cares about us enough to promise he may do something”, a local Armenian said. “Trump didn’t even promise that!”, he added.

At publishing time, President Joe Biden promised he would soon promise something about “the thing”.