OP-ED – “Stop everything and care about me”, by Levon Aronian

“Yeah, I know there’s been a war and people are dead. I know that.

I also know there’s a lot of families who lost their homes, their lands, and maybe their only child.

Of course I know that right now, people in Armenia and in the diaspora are so divided they just hate each other on everything. And that Turkey wants to erase us from the earth.

I know all this stuff, I’m a genius after all.

But do you know what’s more important right now than the refugees, the injured and a nation going through darkness?

CHESS. And me. Or rather me playing chess.

I made the media talk about me leaving for the West. I won’t lie, it’s for the money but since everybody only talks about politics these days, I made the whole thing political.

But really, who cares about corruption when the government removes chess from our schools?! I HAD to leave.

I made the news when I was thinking about leaving. I also made the news when I was about to leave. And when I started to leave. And when I was leaving. And expect to see more when I finish leaving.

So please, forget about those dead soldiers and all. Be a little smarter and care a little about what’s most important: ME.”


Levon Aronian (That’s me. And I play chess.)