BTS members may split up over events in Armenia

SEOUL, (SOUTH) KOREA – The world of K-Pop (South Korean pop music) fans was shattered today because of an unexpected controversy.

As Armenia is in a period of political turmoil, members of the famous boy band BTS announced internal arguments over this question: Should the Armenian Prime Minister resign?

While V supports Nikol Pachinian and the revolution, Jimin sided with the opposition coalition in calling for resignation.

Suga, close to Kocharyan, strongly supports the military officers in their attempted coup. RM, from the FRA Dashnakcutyun, went on a tantrum, accusing V of “being a Turk working for Soros”.

Jungkook remains silent on politics, but calls on both sides to calm down. His call is supported by J-Hope who reminds everybody that the priority right now is the matter regarding the prisoners of war held by Azerbaijan.

Jin, the dean of the group, asked everyone to stop talking about politics. “Amot e guys!” He reportedly said.

A terrible blow for these idols and their fans. Will the band survive the crisis?