Léo Nicolian succeeds in 4 days where ARF failed in two months

PARIS, FRANCE — One guy managed to do on his own, in four days, what the opposition in Armenia couldn’t in two months.

While in Armenia, the opposition including the ARF-Dachnak was removing the tents they had put on Republic Square for some reason, Léo Nicolian, a French-Lebanese-Armenian (random order) journalist, was going on a hunger strike in front of the Facebook HQ in Paris, because they censored him for no reason.

Four days later (while the ARF had not been able to do anything in nine), Mr. Nicolian recovered his account, Facebook declaring their bot made a mistake.

“I’m hungry”, said Léo Nicolian, grateful (and hungry).

The French branch of the ARF would have reacted, but they’re still looking for their website URL (Note: their website has been dead for 8-9 years, we challenged them to update it or we’ll keep posting about it).

As for Facebook, the company announced that their next Skynet update would help dealing with this kind of issues.

But who’s this Léo Nicolian? How to explain… For now, let’s just say that he’s a journalist, likes to annoy the powerful internationally, and he may very soon come back on Semuchka.

The video explaining the story here (in French).