URGENT Declaration from the ARF Dashnak

[Editor’s note: we know we’ve been a little mischievous at times with the ARF, but we just got news of this declaration and we give our full support to every member of the party in these troubled times.]

URGENT Declaration from the super angry ARF Dashnak


At 12:00 noon today, the ARF Dashnak, became aware of an alarming situation.

As the entire Armenian community knows, the ARF Dashnak has always been there to condemn the attacks on the exceptional work the ARF Dashnak has always done.

However, today, we noticed, with great indignation, that we didn’t have any paper left.

It may be possible that we made a little too many declarations recently, condemning the government of Armenia, its Prime Minister, his wife, his children, his great-grandmother and even his dog, as well as the people of Armenia and democracy in general.

The ARF Dashnak strongly condemns this shortage, and this despicable campaign aimed at destroying the Party and its militants, who fight on all fronts for the greatness of the ARF Dashnak.

There is no doubt that this malicious attack is remote-controlled from Turkey.

The ARF Dashnak therefore urges the entire Armenian community to cease any action or expression of opinion while we replenish our stocks, so we can properly react and condemn those activities in powerful declarations.

The ARF Dashnak will announce the resumption of said activities as soon as possible.


The ARF Dashnak Buro
5th of February 2021

(We changed a few details to make the thing readable)