FEMINISM – Azerbaijan has woman as vice president, happens to be president’s wife

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – Much is written about the great democratic nation of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, whose president, Ilham Aliyev, is accused of being a dictator.

“It’s fake news. We all know it’s fake”, swept Azeri diplomacy.

But there is one thing that is not talked about, and it deserves to be mentioned: the great progressivism of President Aliyev.

Not only did he create a vice-president post to counterbalance his powers, but he also gave the post to a woman!

“A great move. This is true equality.” – Washington Post

“We are a modern republic,” says President Aliyev. “Western democracies have nothing to teach us!” the president said, kissing the vice president.

When questioned, the highly decorated lady did not comment. A “surgical accident” we are told, which would prevent her from moving her lips.

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