The End.

[This article is better read with sad music. here’s a link if you don’t have any idea:] Here at Semuchka, we love fake articles. This one isn’t. 😮 A simple idea Semuchka, as a site, has existed since the 44 days war. The initial idea, which came after discussing among friends, was to hit … Read more

Teenage summer camp on a tour at the Armenian Parliament

YEREVAN, ARMENIA — As announced on national TV today, the new Armenian Parliament held its first session today. As the guys were sitting to decide on their president and other (boring) stuff, a little group of kiddos surprised everyone. As soon as the debates were going to start (and put everyone to sleep), the rebel teens … Read more

Why vote for Robert Kocharyan?

[Editor’s note: This is a sensitive issue, and we usually shy away from giving any support to candidates, but we all agreed there was enough of an emergency in the current political landscape to leave aside our usual stand. This is an important vote, and we want all of us to think before taking a … Read more

Wounded soldiers attending Wine Festival surprised to hear they’re traitors and rejects

YEREVAN, ARMENIA — The Armenian Wine Festival (one of the thousands of festivals Armenians have for each fruit, drink… basically anything edible) has stirred some drama this year, with unexpected competition from a “Let’s Whine Festival” which mainly took place on social media. Basically, people attending it have been called “traitors”, “zombies”, “Pashinyan’s rejects” by … Read more

Azerbaijan wants peace for Israel and Palestine to keep on buying weapons while still acting Muslims

BAKU, AZERBAIDJAN — Forced to self-censor over their continued purchase of weapons from Israel, the presidential palace of President for life Ilham Aliyev has expressed a desire for peace in the Middle East. Asked about the consistency between his positions of support for the Palestinians and his arms contracts with those who are accused of … Read more